First time trying Popsicle Professional Nail products!

Popsicle Professional Nails Dip Power = Amazeballs!!!

Sooooooo, I used the Popsicle dip range on one of my lovely clients last week on her natural nails, and my oh my did I enjoy the feel of working with it!

It’s always awesome when a product lasts so nicely on a client’s nails, but when it’s easy to work with it as a nail tech it’s even better.

Annnnnd it’s insanely easy to use, these are the steps that I took:

1. My client had an old set of nails on so we started with soaking it off.

2. Then I prepared her natural nails for the application, this includes pushing back cuticles shaping the nails and buffing off any excess left over product from the previous set. ( Remember, over buffing nails never made anyone happy)

3. I dusted off any debris to ensure a smooth application.

4. I then applied the Prep #1 to the whole nail, as there we no tips, I could cover the whole nail with Prep.

5. I applied the Base #2 to the full nail, it goes on soooo smoothly.

6. I dipped the nail into the crystal clear power to create a strong base.

7. I repeated step 5.

8. Then I dipped my clients nail into the candy mint powder. It’s such a nice light powder and it doesn’t clump.

9. I repeated step 5 & 8.

(When filling, if you’re worried you might file off the colour, you can repeat step 5 and then dip the nail into the Crystal Clear power)

10. I then applied the Seal Protect #3 over all the nails to seal and set the product.

11. I wiped the nails with an alcohol wipe.

12. There is a really awesome top coat they supply, but on this set I used a UV Glaze top coat.

This is what the top coat looks like 


I really cannot explain how easy and enjoyable it was to do this set and my client, who has experienced difficulty with strong, durable and comfy nails, told me that they feel so nice and strong too.


This is her nails after I did them 

This is her review after 1 full week: