My Experience using Popsicle Professional Nails Products

Why Popsicle Professional Nails? Well it’s quick and easy – especially with us ladies not having much time for ourselves! With a quite a wide range of colours the dip powder is amazing for those who need something with a little extra strength.

We’re all trying to be super women here, so we need strong nails to go with it. While it has strength, it feeds the natural nail, is animal friendly, and environment friendly! We need some more love in our world, and why not share some with our fingertips?

This is why I love the Dip Powder system from Popsicle Professional Nails, and why I would recommend it to clients and to nail technicians. Its affordable, durable, and comfortable to wear. How could I forget to mention how stunning the colours are!

Colours for those who like it plain, with some spice, or even colours that are good enough to eat, yum. Don’t forget to spoil yourself this Jan-u-worry, with an investment in your business, and in your nails! Visit @popsicleprofessionalnails on Instagram or go on a shopping spree at Come on, we know you have FOMO, don’t miss out!

Blog Post by Marina De Mink Nail Guru

Popsicle Professional Nails Educator

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