My first impression of Popsicle Professional Nails Dip System...

Well, I def love the name, it says fun but at the same time professional! Using the dip system was really easy, a few steps, but real easy to remember and to do with great results.  I liked that it strengthen your natural nails, leaving them feeling light but sturdy and the coloured dip powders, shooooo, one word, PIGMENTED, very pigmented which means using less product and getting intense colour and coverage, also loved each colours personalised fun name, that suits each of them to the ‘T’.

The Popsicle Professional Nails Dip System is also such an improvement on the old fashioned way, most of us know, of doing dip.  Combining different chemical products from different nail systems or mediums to achieve a dip nail or dip system, well, it just never really made sense, sound right or felt right to me, well, in my opinion.  Now with this product, finally a system on its own, made to work hand in hand, side by side with each other, which means a perfect, complete, beautiful , professional result each time.  Better yet, it soaks of real easy and fast.


And then...Popsicles Chrome and Halo Powders...YES PLEASE!


The brand Popsicle Professional Nails just simply makes me wanna explode of excitement, every time I think “right, I’ve got it covered”  a new product, tool or technique makes its exciting!

Yours truly,

Lizanne Joubert                                                                                                                                                                           

Lizanne Joubert Professional Nail Design                                                                                                                           

Educator Popsicle Professional Nails         

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