Popsicle Professional Nails

Nail Technology Course: JHB 21st February 2022 - 7th March 2022

R 23,500

17th January 2022 until 27th January 2022


The nail technology course is a basic full course for beginners, at the end of the course one will be a qualified nail technician.

The course has been designed to give in-depth knowledge of the industry and the environment, as well as nail theory, anatomy and diseases.

Our course is focused on many areas that is crucial for a student to become a great nail technician, not only in your work but also with high hygiene standards in place.

The course consists of 11 Days of theory and practicals, 3 months of portfolio work, pre-exam consultation and the final exam. The student is required to arrange for 18 models. Schedules and times will be provided once registration has been complete.

The student will be taught the following systems:

  1. Gel Polish and Reinforcement
  2. Flexi Gel Enhancements
  3. Hybrid Gel System
  4. Four-Mula-One Acrylic System
  5. Dip Powder System
  6. Manicure and Pedicure
  7. Nail Art

Please note: Sculpting in Hybrid gel and Acrylic will be an advanced course that can be done one you are qualified.


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