Popsicle Professional Nails

Dip Starter Kit

R 1,450

Our New Powder starter kit includes everything you need for an overlay or a French. One kits gives you 40 sets of nails.
A dip powder system that has the most effective formula which makes your nails feel natural without any damage to your nail beds.

The formula excludes methacrylate making it safer to use for those that are allergic to acrylic. Our Dip System is 5 FREE: From the toxic trio: DPB, Formaldehyde,Toulene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor.

  • The dip powder is a healthier alternative to acrylic with the same durability, added with calcium and vitamin E!
    • A UV/LED lamp is not required.
    • Lasts up to three weeks!
    • The system is quick and easy whether it is an overlay or French. The system is quicker than acrylic.
    • Soak off process is fast, without scraping thus leaving your nails healthy without any damage.
The kit includes:
The 5 Dip essentials (15ml), Crystal Clear Dip Powder, Barely There Dip powder, Dolce Vita Dip Powder, Snow White Dip powder, Exclusive Popsicle French Dip Tray, Dust Brush, Nail File, Sponge File, Cuticle Pusher and Dust Brush.


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