Popsicle Professional Nails

Spice Girl Gel

R 195

A spicy burnt orange hue. 


Our three step gel polish system is formulated with healthy ingredients making it a 14 FREE formula. The gel polishes are rich and highly pigmented. Our Gel Polishes are HEMA FREE!

Our gel polish is a step soak off system. Our gel system offers a long-lasting wear and irresistible shine through a quick and easy application process.

Please note: A UV/LED lamp is required

The 14 toxic ingredients that our gel polishes are free form are the following:

  1. Phthalates (DBP & DEHP)
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Formaldehyde Resin
  4. Toluene
  5. Xylene
  6. Camphor
  7. Ethyltosylamide
  8. Colophonium
  9. Triphenylphosphate
  10. Organic Halides
  11. Parabens
  12. MEHQ
  13. Fragrances
  14. Animal derived ingredients


  1. Light weight
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Odour Free
  4. Non-Yellowing
  5. Chip and lift resistant
  6. Comfortable
  7. Super shiny
  8. Lasts long
  9. Water resistant
  10. Easy to remove
  11. Non-shrinking


15ml Bottle

Net Weight: 0.71g

Dimensions: 3cm X 3cm X 6.5cm


Acrylates copolymer, 2-Isopropyl Tioxantione, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, Dimethicone, Pigments.

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