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Who is behind Popsicle Professional Nails?

Launched in 2017 by the Founder Trisha Bhavanbhai,
“I have always had a passion in nails and the first to try all the new things in the block. I came across dip powder which was a trend around the world but not really in South Africa.
The idea then struck my mind to bring the trend to South Africa, it was just an idea that I had… Bear in mind at that time I was a full time Bcom Accounting student.
I then did more research on the product establishing the difference between acrylic and dip powder, as I thought it was the same thing.
Months had passed on research, development, formulation, design and everything else that I needed in order to make this happen!
The official launch was in 2017 and now it’s a few years later and I am so grateful for all the people I have met and continuously learning and keeping up to date with the nail trends in the industry.”

Collaborations and other cool stuff?

If there is one thing that I love to do is to collaborate, we have worked with many social media influencers, salon owners and people that have reached out to us. We are all about women empowerment as our founder is a young entrepreneur who loves to support other women and see them grow. Your collaboration requests, feedback and product requests as helped us reach here. Our mission is to create a community of strong women that can use the products to become independent by providing services, we have product training by a young nail technician that we have helped grow her business.
Please keep reaching out to us as we love to hear from you.

Prefer to shop till you drop?

For your convenience of shopping while you in bed, we are a 24/7 online store in South Africa and we ship internationally as well.


And that’s a wrap!

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